Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair for Beijing Yeak Tech Co. Ltd.

The Eureka Lounge Chair is inspired by the smallest surface in nature, the Empener surface, and gives a sense of order and flow to the lounge space through a mathematically modelled curved form. The smooth curves and curved edges add visual tension to the product. Wool fabrics from the Kvadrat Sprinkles collection, in warm colours, allows the user to perceive the comfort of the furniture before using it and creates a desire to confirm this feeling through use.

Huile Yi 2023 Agency Platinum Press Kit № 147842

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Eureka by Huile Yi
Eureka by Huile Yi

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Lounge Chair by Huile Yi
Lounge Chair by Huile Yi

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Huile Yi Eureka
Huile Yi Eureka

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Huile Yi Lounge Chair
Huile Yi Lounge Chair

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Beijing Yeak Tech Co  Ltd Brand Logo
Beijing Yeak Tech Co Ltd Brand Logo

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Press Kit
Eureka Lounge Chair Media Articles

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Unique Properties

The shape of this Eureka Chair, a living room lounge chair, is based on mathematic model of Enneper surface with a sense of order and flow into the leisure space. The elaborate supporting structure provides users with ergonomic comfort while keeping stable. Another unique design of the chair is the fabric, made of wools from Kvadrat Sprinkles series with excellent stretch and durability, making it ideal material for chairs.


Lounge chair, single chair, space design, mathematic model, Ennepersurface

Production Technology

The interior is made of glass steel with mould, covering with fabric made of wools from Kvadrat Sprinkles series. The kaleidoscopic colored dots make the fabric look different in different viewing angle. This special fabric can be stretched from all directions, making it the ideal material for curved deck chair.

Design Challenge

The challenge in the design process was to find a technical solution that integrates the highest level of aesthetic, comfort and sustainability. As a result, the Enneper was the final choice aiming to harmonize the overall sense of flow and order through the curved structure conforming to the mathematical model, and to ensure ergonomics and comfort with its unique design.

Project Duration

The project was designed and developed in Beijing in January 2021 and launched in China in November 2022.

Operation Flow

Interaction with the user is generated from the appeal of mathematical order through organic form. Arcs at the edges add some tension to the product, inviting the user to sit or lie down comfortably. Shapes with a sense of order and warm colors allow users to perceive the comfort of furniture before using it, triggering users to actual use to prove this feeling.


Form comes first followed by function and ergonomics in the design process. The designers settled on Enneper surface after studying mathematical models in the nature, presented in pure geometric shapes. With the observation of nature, the shape is endowed with various functions, including backrest, chair legs and so on.


Inspired by the smallest Enneper in the nature, Eureka Lounge Chair is stable with a sense of flow, a high light in modern interior design. The unique colorful dots changes in visual with the viewing angle echoing the flow effect of the curved chair with impressive aesthetic.

Project Overview

Eureka Lounge Chair has been a Platinum winner in the Furniture Design award category in the year 2022 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Platinum A' Design Award is recognized for honoring designs that stand at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the A' Design Awards, acknowledging works that blend remarkable innovation with impactful societal contributions. These designs not only showcase exceptional artistic and technical proficiency but also highlight their creators' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their role in shaping the aesthetics and trends of our time, contributing significantly to the enhancement of quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

Image Credits

For design images and photos please credit Huile Yi.

 Award Logo
Platinum Recognition

Huile Yi was recognized with the coveted Platinum A' Design Award in 2023, a testament to excellence of their work Eureka Lounge Chair.

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